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Hair Integration

Taking existing hair at its maximum use and adding volume from our many hair systems to give a fuller natural look.  Whether a small or large area this concept encourages the maximum use of the clients existing hair,

1). Men, this system is ideal for clients with thinning hairline or crown area who desire a minimum amount of coverage while utilizing existing hair.
2). Women, this system is ideal for thinning hair
, bangs or a crown area. It is beneficial for clients with spotted alopecia.

Partial System

This type of system is perfect for men or women who have a thin spot and comb their own hair over the area.  In men's terms this is called a comb over.  Problems arise when it is very windy out.  The existing hair blows around and the thin area is exposed.  A partial system fills the void or balding area and allows the existing hair to cling to the area so the area is not exposed.  In the women procedures the same application is applied thus avoiding heavy teasing and hair sprays, and filling in the void or balding, thinning areas.  This procedure allows the clients to maximize their existing hair to the fullest.


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