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For Men


Hair into skin
This system takes a tissue thin urethane foundation that is totally transparent.  Hair is strand by strand injected into the foundation.  This technique gives the client a natural hair flow with his or hers existing hair.  The clients own scalp becomes the background so hair appears to be coming out of the client head.
Hair into lace
The most natural system to use as a hairline for men and women without a surgical procedure.  Allows clients to comb hair straight back or any other direction, hairline is totally undetectable.  Can be applied to a full or partial system.

Replacement for Men
After partial systems which are for small and thin areas, there are perimeter attachments, which entails covering the bald areas. In most situations it's the typical male pattern baldness or horseshoe area. Then there are three quarter or full coverage systems, these systems are determined by the amount of coverage the client needs are. Full coverage systems are post operative, chemotherapy and alopecia clients.

There are two types of hair wear attachments.

1. Daily Wear - This type of hair wear system is for the client who wants to remove the system on a regular basis. The system can be left on for a period of time and readjusted at the clients convenience. These systems are attached with a waterproof tape a high tack glue or hair clips that attach to the clients hair, or a combination of both.

2. Semi Permanent attachment - This method allows the clients to keep the system on for approximately 4 to 6 weeks. The client returns to the salon for a complete service, shampoo, cut and reconditioning. We provide two types of reattachment, perimeter or full head bonding. The other is micro linking were a small grommet is attached to the perimeter of the clients hair and the system is then attached.


Before Treatment

Here is an example of post operative hair loss
very similar to male pattern baldness
prior to treatment with a hair into skin


After Treatment

Here is an example of styling with a hair into skin
prosthesis using a multi directional styling.



After Treatment

Here is an example of styling with a hair into skin
prosthesis using a comb back styling.


After Treatment

This is an example of hair into lace.
Notice the undetectable look.


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